Merchant accept Online Bank Transfer

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Do you sell digital content of memberships on the Internet?
Then offer your customers payment by Online Bank Transfer!

White Label Concept

Online Bank Transfer is based on the white label concept.
This means that the entire payment process in the look and feel of your website appears.
At no time your client learns that the payment processing of onlione payment is executed.

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The trust of your customers in your store, is the trust of your customers in the online payment method transfer.

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We arrange for the technical handling of payments and the payment amount is credited directly to your bank account.

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You need a dealer a bank account with European banking which enables EBICS access.

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On request, we can provide you with an option for a partner a corresponding bank account.


immediate confirmation

Immediate Confirmation

The seller is informed in the same second on the succesful payment and can ship the goods quickly or provide the access.

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Secure Payment Methods

No chargebacks.
An Online Bank Transfer can not be reversed.

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High Distribution

There are the most common online banking support in Germany and Austria and thus more than 97% of customers pay with Online Bank Transfer.

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Secure Pin/Tan Procedure

The secure Pin / Tan method is the end user familiar and accepted.

Fast delivery icon

Fast Delivery

Goods can be delivered immediately. The dealer must wait no 2-3 bank days, until the successful payment is guaranteed. Very good for spontaneous and fast suitable buyer.

Economic payment method icon

Economic Payment Method

Less expensive than credit card or similar internet payment methods.

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High Liquidity

The transfer amount will be credited directly to your account.


eCommerce / mail order

1% + 25 cents per transaction

Digital Goods, Bitcoin, Games, Gaming, Dating

2% + 50 cents per transaction

Adult, Hosting

5% + 50 cents per transaction